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Square H Type Fin Tube

Coal-Economizer Boiler Economizer Type H Fin Tube


Jiangsu Haohua Industry Group as one of the leading suppliers in China to supply Coal-Economizer Boiler Economizer Type H Fin Tube etc. Contact Person: Mr.Tony Email: Tony@haopipe.com Whatsapp:+8618051856560
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Coal-Economizer Boiler Economizer Type H Fin Tube

Industial Boiler Part Heat Exchanger H Finned Tube Economizer

Product Description
Industial boiler part heat exchanger H finned tube economizer is a kind of boiler parts, to have two steel circular symmetry to be welded on fluorescent tubes to form ins positive shape much like letter "H", so called H-fin tube. H finned tube economizer widely used in utility boilers, industrial boilers, marine power, such as the tail of heat exchanger components.
Application of Boiler H Finned Tube Economizer
Industial boiler part heat exchanger H finned tube economizers are tube heat exchangers located in the top section of a boiler. They raise the feedwater temperature to slightly below saturation temperature. H finned tube economizers are so named because they can make use of the enthalpy in fluid streams that are hot, but not hot enough to be used in a boiler, thereby recovering more useful enthalpy and improving the boiler's efficiency. H finned tube economizers preheat the cold water used to fill water wall panels.
Material Structure of Boiler H Finned Tube Economizer 
Consists of a serious of H fin tubes, the headers of inlet and outlet, bend, frame and other auxiliaries.
Characteristics of Boiler H Finned Tube Economizer 
 1). Add the heat exchange area and reduce the number of tubes, also increase the fume flow section area to reduce the fume speed and abrasion.
 2). H type fin tube can be made to double H type fin tube, high rigidness to fit long tube row.
 3). H type fin economizer arranged in line to make the space into many small zones, averaged air flow to reduce the abrasion.
 4). With straight channel to gain the best ash-blowing effect.
 5). The compact structure to reduce the weight and reduce the manufacturing cost.
Quality Control:
1. Strength calculation report with applied materials information;
2. 100%NDT(non-destructive inspection) report of steel plate, tube and welding rod;
3. 100%X-ray inspection report (welding seam): to ensure the quality of the entire boiler;
4. Hydraulic test report: ensure the stand

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