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Extruded & Embedded Aluminum Finned Tubes

A192 Extruded High Finned Tube


Jiangsu Haohua Industry Group as one of the leading suppliers in China to supply A192 Extruded High Finned Tube for petroleum industry and Heat Exchanger industry etc. Contact Person: Mr. Peter, Email: peter@haopipe.com
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A192 Extruded High Finned Tube

HAOHUA INDUSTRY offers the widest variety of sizes available in the industry. All of our products are domestically sourced, developed, and produced, which means our customers have immediate access to exactly the products they need for their particular application. And you are assured of the highest quality and manufacturing standards and a local, concerned, customer service presence.
The strong connection between fin and base tube prevents loosening of fin because of heat stress, oxidization, corrosion etc., use at very high temperatures possible. This welded steel finned tubes configuration can be used in practically any heat transfer applications, and particularly suited for high temperature, high pressure applications. The important features of this configuration are efficient, effective bond of fin to tube under any conditions of temperature and pressure, and ability to withstand high fin-side temperatures.
These tubes are used with a wide range of material such as carbon steel, low alloys steel and stainless steel for corrosive flue gas or high temperatures. The finned tube can supply these tubes shaped in hairpin, with extremities bevelled.
As the fin strip is formed around the tube its outer (serrated) edge spreads, opening the segments like petals of a daisy. A continuous weld is applied at the point where the fin strip first begins to bend around the tube diameter using Vulcan’s unique gas metal arc welding process. This welding process creates the strongest fin to tube attachment in the industry, excellent heat transfer characteristics, low fin-side pressure drop and little to no change in grain micro structure and physical characteristics even when 3%-9% chromium tubes are used. For a given pipe or tube size, the desired heat transfer surface area per unit length of tube can be obtained by specifying the appropriate fin height and/or number of fins per inch of length. The following table shows Vulcan’s manufacturing capabilities for helical serrated finned tube:
Tube/Pipe Size 1.00″ to 15.75″ OD
Fin Height 0.3mm to 49.50mm
Fin Segment Width 5/32″ or 5/16″
Fin Thickness 0.8 mm ~ 4.0 mm
Fin Pitch 1 to 20 fins per inch
Materials Carbon Steel ,Alloy Steel ,Stainless Steel and Corrosion-resistance Steel.
Application Heat Transfer Equipment including Heat Exchangers, Boilers, Economizers, Super Heaters, Fired Heaters, HRSG, Waste Heat Recovery Systems etc.
Services In addition to finning and tube bending we offer tubing, pipe, cutting, beveling, return bends, elbows, crating, freight and economizer consulting.
In general, the fin configuration is said to transfer heat more efficiently than solid fin since the serrated fin segments allow some lateral (cross-fin) flow of fluid along the tube axis, which serves to increase turbulence, thereby breaking up the thermal boundary layer and increasing heat transfer efficiency.

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