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Brass and Naval Brass Tubesheets & Baffle

ASTM B171 C70600 Brass and Naval Brass tubesheets & Baffles


Jiangsu Haohua Industry Group as one of the leading suppliers in China to supply ASTM B171 C70600 Brass and Naval Brass tubesheets & Baffles etc. [Contact person:Ms chris ; Email: chris@haopipe.com ; Mob: 0086-180-515-86050]
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Forging brass tube sheet,Jiangsu Haohua Industry manufacture Brass and Naval Brass tubesheets & Baffles on a CNC Machine center. Since our facility is located next to a Brass rolling mill, we are able to recycle the scrap to the mill significantly reducing cost. (As about 40% of the tubesheet generally falls off as scrap).

Haohua Industry have set up this facility to service the tubesheet and baffle needs of our customers.

Haohua Industry are able to offer tubesheets in other materials also but here we do not have the advantage of being able to recycle the scrap.

Our Machine Dimensions are as under:

X axis 1650 mm
Y axis 750 mm
Z axis 500 mm
Bed Size 1650 x 750 mm
Tooling Max diameter 290 mm
Tooling Max length 350 mm
Tooling Max weight 20 kgs


BS EN ISO 9001, Ultrasonic and Liquid Penetrant Flaw Detection and Dimensional Testing
BS EN ISO 9001 approved.
All materials sold are fully traceable to the original test certificate.
We also offer the following services:
Ultrasonic and liquid penetrant flaw detection.
Witnessing of material by yourselves or an approved body such as Lloyds.
Dimensional testing of machined items.
Finally, to ensure the product arrives to you undamaged, all our products are carefully packaged using protective materials to prevent damage during transit.
In order to achieve the delivery times required by many customers, we hold 200 tonnes of stock.

This large range of material means we can now cut and machine tube plates in-house, offering a finished product with a fast delivery time to any part of the world.

To complement our stock range, we can offer mill deliveries for “special” enquiries such as large diameter discs (up to 2m), in hot rolled condition for brass parts; or forged for copper, nickel or aluminium bronze requirements.

All forged products can be delivered in forged, proof-machines or fully-machined condition.

Discs forged up to 5000mm OD and over 500mm thick (depending on material)
Disc maximum weight of 49 tons
including hole drilling for heat exchanger tube sheets
cladding by weld overlay with duplex, titanium and nickel alloys
Carbon steels, stainless steels, duplex steels
alloy steels, nickel alloys
non-ferrous materials (Cu-Ni 90/10 & CU-Ni 70/30) and Titanium.
Discs and tube sheets can be delivered in pre-machined and finished machined condition. Complete whole drilling is available.

The strict use of high quality raw material is guaranteed and proved by raw material certificate with each delivery.
We also provide baffle plates.

All the following products are held in stock and produced to all major International Standards including EN, ASTM, ASME and NES780 specifications:

ASME Specifications/ASTM Specifications
ASME SB171 C63000
ASTM B171 C61400
ASME SB171 C61400
ASTM B171 C46400
ASME SB171 C46400
ASTM B171 C71500
ASME SB171 C71500
ASTM B171 C70600
ASME SB171 C70600
ASTM B171 C63000

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