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Oil Pipe and Casing Pipes For Offshore Drilling


Jiangsu Haohua Industry Group as one of the leading suppliers in China to supply VAM,VAMTOP,NEW VAM,API SPEC 5DP,API SPEC 7 for petroleum industry and Heat Exchanger industry and Machining Industry etc.
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Oil Pipe and Casing Pipes For Offshore Drilling 

Section: Seamless and Welded

Standards: 5CT, SPEC 5DP, SPEC 7,Specification for Casing and Tubing

ISO 11960:2004,Petroleum and natural gas industries-Steel pipes for use as casing tubing for wells
Sizes: Outside Diameter: 1.660"-30"
Grades: H40,J55,K55,N80,N80Q,L80,C90,C95,T95,P110,Q125,SS95,SS110,9%CR,13%CR
Some of the OCTG casing tubing available for your company’s requirements include:
General drill pipes,casing tubing conforming to standards for oil field and deep well drilling
H40 casing tubing – general purpose pipes conforming to specification 5CT
J55 general purpose pipes for casing tubing applications,similar to specification K55 with lower minimum tensile strength conforming to specification 5CT
K55 general purpose pipes used primarily in casings conforming to specification 5CT
L80 casing tubing conforming to specification 5CT with a controlled yield strength with hardness test requirement of 23 HRC maximum; usually used in wells with sour (H2S) environments or deep sour wells
N80 or N80 Q&T (Quench and Tempered) – general purpose pipe manufactured to specification 5CT
Normalized N80 – lower-cost alternative to standard Q&T N80; pipe walls less than 0.500 inch; inspections,testing and dimensions are in accordance with 5CT for grade N80. Charpy v-notch impact test absorbed energy results conform to SR16 and are lower Q&T N80
C90 – an controlled yield strength grade (25.4 HRC maximum) generally used in sour condensate wells; with required extensive hardness testing,SSCC testing per NACE Standard TM-0177-Method A; minimum threshold stress required is 80% of specified minimum yield strength
C95 – same strength range as T95 and U. S. Steel C95,but without a hardness requirement; generally not used in sour wells
T95 – controlled yield strength grade (25.4 HRC maximum),the same as C95 and U. S. Steel C95; generally for use in sour condensate wells; extensive hardness testing is required including SSCC testing per NACE Standard TM-0177-Method A; minimum threshold stress required is 80% of specified minimum yield strength
P110 – generally used in deep wells; this grade is not suitable for most sour condensate wells
Q125 – grade for deep well service,generally not for use in sour condensate wells; quadrant hardness testing is required (no specified hardness limits other than the variation between readings); impact testing required for each heat and/or lot; typically EMI and UT NDT inspections are required
STC (short round thread casing)
LTC (long round thread casing)
BTC (buttress thread casing)
XL (extreme-line casing)
Premium Connections
And almost any premium & gas tight connection
Length: Range 1,Range 2 & Range 3:
Applicable Tests: See our Standard Inspection Scope
External bare and uncoated or externally coated with black/ transparent anti rust Mill varnish
Plastic or Metal Pin and Box Protectors.
Internal plastic coating or sleeves.
Mill Test Certificates:
Issued in accordance with Specification 5CT Eighth Edition
Additional Third Party Inspection can also be performed on request.

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